Benefits  of  the

Yoga Volunteer - YV Program

1. The YV Program is given under a Government of India Certification along with a TQ Certificate.

2.  For the International Yoga Day, one can be a volunteer for well being of himself and also for the benefit of the society.

3. The Yoga protocol Asanas can be explained by the volunteer, to audiences according to the Yoga protocol syllabus. 

4. A certified Yoga Volunteer can also be remunerated additionally by the organization where he works.

5. The cerified Yoga Volunteer can have an added advantage of getting employment in his own discipline.

6.  The YV can conduct Yoga classes in parks, gated communities, work places etc.,  in his leisure time.

7. There are no fixed charges, but fee can be charged based on the scale and scope of the requirement, which can be decided by the YV himself.

8. The YV can actively participate in the International Yoga Day events and has a scope for submitting a related project in coordination with CCRYN (Central Council for Research in Yoga and Naturopathy).

9. The YV will have a respectable identity in the society.

10. The YV can be employed for teaching basic Asanas, breathing and meditation techniques in schools, training institutes, gymnasiums etc.

11. After undergoing the  Yoga Volunteer Certificate program which is a preparatory part of the Yoga Protocol Instructor, he/she can graduate to a Yoga Wellness Instructor or a Yoga Teacher and Evaluator.

12. The YV can also be part of Fit India Movement.

13. The YV can conduct Yoga-Break protocols in work places as a Yoga Consultant.

14. The YV can also be a health promoter for his immediate neighborhood and community, whereby he creates health and wellness awareness and thus can be a torch-bearer of health and fitness for the society at large.

15. The volunteer will also be recognised as a carrier of the ancient wisdom of Yoga and thus gets higher respect in the society.